A unique presentation in Miami

At this special event, attendees were able to see how COMPAC, having been inspired by the beauty and elegance of natural stone, have created Unique Calacatta, a striking pure white quartz worksurface featuring powerful grey veins, characteristic of marble, running through it.

Unique Calacatta has a truly magnetic personality which will enable architects and designers to specify this innovative new worksurface for their projects with the confidence. Just like in nature, each slab has different nuances and patterns in design.

The natural hardness of quartz provides a waterproof, hygienic and extremely durable finish offering high levels of resistance to heat and abrasions.

This positions Unique Calacatta as being especially appropriate for intensive use areas such as kitchen surfaces, floor tiling or wall cladding.



COMPAC has a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme whose main objective is to ensure respect for the environment. The re-forestation of over 30,000 native trees in Abrantes, Portugal, the search for new sustainable materials, the use of clean energy and the reduction of its carbon footprint are just some of the initiatives undertaken by the company in recent years.