COMPAC® reinforces its commitment to the creation of surfaces that combine beauty, resistance and sustainability, forming one of the most powerful portfolios on the market. Between February 26 and March 1, the Spanish company will present at Cevisama its latest creative proposals with which it seeks to make any project an inspiring environment with its own identity.

New Luxury Collection

COMPAC® launches a new collection with two exclusive designs that focus on distinction and delicacy as differential elements. The discreet and modern reixat of Luxury Collection™ forms a clean image that imprints serenity to the spaces. Luxury Vagli Oro™ and Luxury Vagli Macchia Vecchia™ play with veins of different shapes and intensities to achieve a greater depth in the environments.

New designs of Obsidiana™

Obsidiana is the company’s great commitment to combine innovation and sustainability at the service of architecture. This surface made of 100% recycled glass is totally sustainable throughout its life cycle and has been recognized by prestigious architectural firms, as well as multi-awarded both for its designs and its environmental friendliness. The novelties for 2024 include the new designs Obsidiana Volcano Cool™, Obsidiana Volcano Dim™ and Obsidiana Volcano Warm™, designs that complete a range with a marked personality.

Terrazzo: the classic gets a makeover

Terrazzo COMPAC® improves the functional and decorative possibilities of natural stone while maintaining its essence and expanding its possibilities for use in modern construction. COMPAC® Terrazzo High Performance Stone (HPS) provides greater durability and resistance, which is why it is suitable for all types of surfaces and, especially, for those located in areas that require greater strength in the face of external aggressions.
COMPAC® has renewed the image of Terrazzo with the lines Micro, an elegant chromatic range with a subtle design, Classic, with a more traditional line, and Petra, with its own sophisticated character that this 2024 adds three new designs: Petra Titanium™, Petra Nublo™ and Petra Bosco™.