COMPAC opens its showroom in Miami, an immersive space that pays homage to matter

The showroom, known as Salon the Matter Mastering Immersion, includes a space designed by architect Elisa Ossino showing COMPAC’s long experience mastering matter.

The space is presented as a tour between materials and emblematic pieces of COMPAC.

The opening was attended by designers, architects, professionals, influencers and specialized journalists.

Showroom Miami

Miami, april de 2022. COMPAC, one of the leading companies in decorative terrazzo, quartz, and Obsidiana surfaces, strengthens its presence in the United States, one of its main and fast-growing markets, with the opening of its showroom in Miami. The 146.3 sqm space includes meeting rooms, an exhibition area of different COMPAC materials and designs, with emblematic pieces such as the Quartzrock countertop designed by Arik Levy, and different work areas.

The innovative showroom proposal, known as Salon, the Matter Mastering Immersion, presents, in an experiential way, the different possibilities offered by COMPAC materials and becomes a space where architects, designers and professionals from these fields come to be inspired and transfer their ideas into real projects. Aware of the importance of experiencing, touching and seeing first-hand the materials in their different applications and sizes, from the smallest to the largest, COMPAC opens this showroom to enhance communication with designers to achieve unique projects of different scales and customized projects.

Paco Sanchis, CEO COMPAC, sums up the showroom’s creative approach: “This space is a meeting point for dialogue with professionals in the sector, a place where we not only show what we are capable of doing, but also what architects and designers are able to create with our materials.”

COMPAC Miami Showroom

To be able to appreciate the possibilities of the material, the showroom includes Materic Emotion, an 80 square meters space designed by Elisa Ossino, a sensory and cognitive path through COMPAC materials. A place that best expresses their versatility, where the applications and possible shapes that COMPAC materials can take are shown. From surfaces to floors to sculptural furnishings: unexpected shapes surprise and lead visitors to discover the world of COMPAC.

In addition to this collaboration with Elisa Ossino, visitors will also be able to appreciate Arik Levy’s unique and exclusive designs for the Ice of Genesis collection. This collection, winner of the prestigious international award Best of the Best Red Dot Design, is suitable for both sculptural pieces and countertops as well as large-scale projects, such as cladding and flooring. To visualize the ICE effect – which evokes the frozen lakes of the Arctic, a source of inspiration for the collection – the different versions are also displayed on large-format boards.

COMPAC Miami Showroom

Terrazzo COMPAC and Obsidiana COMPAC, COMPAC’s most sustainable material, are also exhibited in different formats and pieces that allow visitors to visualize the important work carried out by the R&D department and the technological progress and research to anticipate challenges posed by the construction industry, both in the field of sustainability and resistance and performance, and to respond to the needs of design, architecture and art. This commitment to research positions COMPAC as a leading company at the forefront of the creation and manufacture of construction surfaces.

It is a unique space where visitors can appreciate the enormous effort that the company dedicates to producing innovative, sustainable materials with exclusive designs. The showroom is “a new place for inspiration, a new place for creation”.
During the opening, Rhea is also exhibited, the countertop designed by Elisa Ossino with Terrazzo COMPAC High Performance Stone, a state-of-the-art material, which comes in order to increase the performance of traditional terrazzo, turning it into an all-terrain material, more resistant, suitable for all types of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.