COMPAC shakes up KBIS 2022 with its new Terrazzo

– Terrazzo COMPAC, the material that has been reinvented to expand its possibilities in all kinds of applications.
– The company presents its first collaboration with Elisa Ossino and the new designs by Arik Levy for Genesis collection.
– COMPAC launches its new branding inspired by the search of excellence.

Orlando, 8th of February 2022. COMPAC, the Spanish leading company in the manufacture and distribution of terrazzo, quartz and obsidiana surfaces, once again exhibits its latest products and collaborations with the renowed artist Arik Levy and the architect and designer Elisa Ossino at KBIS 2022.

During the show, the company has launched a revolutionary material named as Terrazzo High Performance Stone (HPS) COMPAC. The new material aims at increasing the performance of traditional terrazzo thanks to its composition, which improves its resistance. COMPAC’s R+D+i team has developed a new formula that makes it an all-terrain material, a smart material, possible to use Terrazzo HPS for all types of surfaces, especially those located indoor and outdoor that require greater firmness against external aggression.
All terrain material, a smart material.

Terrazzo HPS is a material that allows all kind of applications such us outdoor floor, outdoor countertop, indoor floor, indoor walls, kitchens, bath, furniture, heavy traffic areas as airports, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and facades.

COMPAC offer four collections, Micro, Classic, Paladiana and Petra which one with very beautiful designs to select the best options for the designers and architects’ projects. The portfolio has different finishes adapted to each application.

The innovative spirit of the company not only is reflected in the creation of new materials, but also in the development of new technologies that improve processes, obtaining a more responsible production. Currently, all the materials and designs in the COMPAC portfolio are produced in a sustainable way, with 100% renewable electric energy, reusing more than 98% of the water in the production process.

The company has created `Circular Science Project´ which is the Responsible Sense of COMPAC

The philosophy of respect for the environment, on which the company has been working for years, reaches its peak with the launch in 2020 of its 100% recycled and recyclable material. Obsidiana COMPAC has transformed the market with the creation of a sustainable surface produced with 100% recycled glass as raw material. In 2020, Obsidiana COMPAC obtained the Cradle to Cradle Bronze™ certificate that recognizes sustainability throughout the manufacturing process under rigorous criteria. In addition, it has also been honored with other awards such as the FX International Interior Design 2021 that recognizes maximum sustainability with efficient design. Obsidiana was also the winner of the NKBA’s Best of Sustainability Awards in 2020 and finalist in the NAN Awards for the best architecture and building materials projects and in Best of the Year 2021 awards given by Interior Design.

Collaborations with designers

On the occasion of KBIS, the company has teamed up with the Italian architect and designer Elisa Ossino to create a piece that shows the versatility terrazzo. Ossino has designed an outdoor countertop, which she called RHEA, whose shapes evoke the volumes of classicism. The piece, sculpted from a single 992 pounds block creating a sculptural effect, represents the central piece of the composition that the Italian designer has created for the occasion. Exedra is an abstract installation inspired by the meeting rooms in ancient Greece in which the main element is a curved wall in front of which thinkers of the time met.

The commitment to design by means of its continuous collaboration with artists is, without a doubt, one of the differential values of COMPAC, as seen by the new designs that Arik Levy has created for the ICE of Genesis quartz collection. Inspired by the seasons of the year, Levy has conceived four new sketches that invoke summer, autumn, winter and spring reflected in the frozen lakes that served as the initial concept of the collection. This series has been developed with the new IQ Pro technology which will increasingly be incorporated in more and more company projects.

COMPAC© Arik Levy working on the designs ICE Gold and ICE Viola

These are not the only pieces by Levy that are shown at KBIS 2022. The company has recovered for the exhibition the imposing quartz countertop that the artist created in 2017. Quartz Rock is the result of the homage that the artist wanted to pay to quartz with the creation of an 1763,7 pounds worktop made up of 29 pieces of ICE Black Zoom.

New COMPAC logo

As part of the celebration of KBIS 2022, COMPAC has officially launched its new corporate logo and branding project, which has been created from the emotion to express the excellence that characterizes the company.

The company’s management team is aware that the brand is much more than a logo and is also aware of the importance of reflecting the values on which it is based and make it unique. For this reason, it has opted for a simple, minimalist logo with an emotional component.

The new identity has evolved to convey COMPAC’s excellence around six values that are present in all the areas of the company: perfection, innovation, sophistication, audacity, emotion and the integrity of the people who form it.