The perfect equation

COMPAC’s history has shown us that the most extraordinary progress can come through a combination of talent and innovation. And if there is one value and goal that sustains our business, it is becoming the best example of an industry capable of regenerating ecosystems. This year we can state that we have taken a definitive step forward that endorses our trajectory over the last 45 years. COMPAC has honed a legacy that now transcends our previous output with a focus on real sustainability.

The action taken over these last few years has made us a revolutionary business in our commitment to nature and how we see the industry. Mother nature is our greatest inspiration and we are her best ally.

These are not mere intentions but realities that have positioned us as an eco-efficient firm, being awarded Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certification. This international recognition assesses product and manufacturing processes from a standpoint of maximum sustainability.

There are no limits at COMPAC, not even in adverse times: proof of this is our introduction of Obsidiana, a 100% sustainable product throughout its life cycle. Its realism, quality, versatility and beauty have been recognised by the most prestigious architecture studios in our top markets. However, what makes it truly extraordinary are its creation and renewal: as a material it emerges from a full recycling process and will continue on since it is also completely recyclable.

This commitment is what has led to our Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certification, in recognition that here at COMPAC, we have designed a product that fully realises the premises of the circular economy and is environmentally responsible. It endorses our clear commitment to complete waste elimination, turning it into reusable material. It also highlights all the effort we have put in so that our manufacturing chain operates on renewable energy, making us a truly responsible business.

We are especially proud to be awarded this certification as it positions us as both a benchmark and an active participant in a paradigm shift which has played an essential role in our approach to business.

We have created the perfect equation: material, technology, talent, art, architecture and sustainability. And the result? Being unique and challenging all limits with a sense of maximum responsibility. We were born with this commitment and it will always remain our maxim. Thank you for being an active part of our history and legacy.

Paco Sanchis