“Compac Unique Calacatta truly is a most unique stone, with it’s realistic and subtle beauty, no wonder all other major quartz brands are trying to copy it’s elegant and classic design.
Being a natural stone distributor for over 20 years, I can honestly say Compac Unique Calacatta is the only quartz I would put in my own kitchen. To me that is the ultimate compliment for a stone!!”
John Byrne, Boston USA

“Unique Calacatta isn’t natural marble, do you care when it’s even better than the real thing?” Anonymous, London UK

“Customers that are looking for an elegant marble effect worktop are always satisfied by the unique Calacatta. As far as quartz worktops go, this is the closest match to natural stone.
One of the best versions of marble effect worktops available on the market.” Jas London UK

“Compac Calacatta ‘a timeless masterpiece” Paul Caterham, UK

“A perfect design for any interior space.” Malcolm, CHELTENHAM UK

“Unique Calacatta always stands out above the competition.” Trevor Parker, BARNSLEY UK

“Compac 南极系列是奢石极品” Elsa Ge — CHINA

“Compac Unique Calacatta simple the best” Eric — HONG KONG

“非常棒, 源於自然超越自然” Sonia Cheng — TAIWAN

“I am writing to say special thanks to you and the Compaq team for the amazing support in helping me build my dream home. We reviewed many different manufacturers in the market and kept coming back to the Unique Calacatta pattern, and we have no regrets!
We covered our Kitchen, Dining table, Laundry room and all our Bathrooms with Unique Calacatta and the consistency of the pattern smoothly flows throughout our home.
Highly recommend Unique Calacatta!” KC — THAILAND

“Unique Calacatta Quartz, the beauty of classic white base contrast with subtle grey veining, becomes a timeless worktop option for Thai market, perfectly used both kitchen and bathroom which add instant brightness to the place.” Arisa Pruksananont — THAILAND

“We love Unique Calacatta because of its intricate veins, it is very detailed compared to other that we have seen. It looks more natural and very sophisticated.” Diane Condecido — SINGAPORE

“Compac Unique Calacatta stands out to us because of its characteristic. It looks elegant and clean to whatever surface we are working, most especially for kitchen countertops. The quality of the material is also well recommended and is what we are looking for specification.” Man Yee — THAILAND

“COMPAC’s Unique Calacatta features its unique realistic design along with its surface of crisp white base and accentuated grey flowing veins. The material’s contrast and personlity elevates any space it touches resulting to a clean, distinct style and solidity. Therefore bringing a dramatic effect to either a classic or contemporary taste” AR. ROSE OLIPAS — PHILIPPINES

“The Unique Calacatta is a great option for replicanting a natural Calacatta marble with all the tones of the real stone-beautiful and durable.” Holly Warman NY USA

“Compac’s Unique Calacatta is the most authentic and luxurious quartz version of natural marble available in the market,” Gaby Cruz NY USA

“Unique Calacatta from COMPAC defines simplicity and natural marble look setting the highest benchmark in quartz industry.” Diane Barrale NY USA

“Taking cues from natural marble style. Leaving interior designs with a architecture twist to emphasize minimalism and harmony between the man-made elements” Daniel Gupta LONG ISLAND, NY USA

“The Unique Calacatta collection is a combination of beauty and elegance, that provides an environmentally responsible solution to designers and homeowners. The Unique Calacatta Collection continues to evolve with current fashion trends while still providing timeless and classic beauty.” Bill Thomas BOSTON USA

“Unique Calacatta in the UAE Is a captivating product inspired by a timeless marble designed by nature” Omar Madi DUBAI EAU

“Unique design shows the real Calacata impression, Natural More than it looks!” Majd Al Zammar — JORDANIA

“Unique Calacatta of COMPAC is one of the reasons why interior designers and architects put COMPAC up on a pedestal!” QATAR

“From MURO Stone Team in Saudi Arabia, Thank you for exceeding our customer expectations and experience with the outstanding workmanship and art piece design of the Unique Calacatta.” Abdullatif K. Al Rabiah — SAUDI ARABIA

“Unique Calacatta, o eterno clássico. A forma elegante de arquitectar o futuro.” Humberto Caneira — PORTUGAL

“The Unique Calacatta is in our opinion the most realistic designs in the market. Ever since it came out it has stood out from the competition. The other manufactures have similar concepts but they have not been able to duplicate the color and veining of the Unique Calacatta. It is by far our best seller in the Compac line. We have introduced this design in many our projects and will continue to do so in the future. I applaud the Compac design team for coming up with such a great product.” Raul Aguilar MIAMI USA

“When I was designing this home, the uniqueness of the veining and color combination was a key factor in selecting this particular quartz. It pulled all the other color elements together in the kitchen, and flowed perfectly with my tranquil Japanese inspired theme for this contemporary design.” Belinda Leppa WASHINGTON USA

“Unique Calacatta collection is the best product on the market for quality, colors options and finish. Since its first launch many years ago it is by far our preferred quartz material for our projects “ Daniele Busca, NY USA

“ Callacatta for me is the ideal look of a contemporary kitchen that will bring that special touch and will break the monotony of any space. A priceless sculpture right in your home.” Eduardo Flefil NY USA

“ Calacatta is the quartz that gives you the look of real marble and with today’s busy life style this low maintenance quartz is what makes it great “. William Luceno NY USA

“The best natural stone in the engineered industry” Chris Ribeiro VIRGINIA USA

“I’m so impressed by the quality and look of Unique Calacatta! This product is my number one choice and I have specified this product two two projects already. Stunning 🤩 product , impeccable quality!” Marina Pulliam, Design Director. NY