Architecture and Materiality

We present the first webinar organized by COMPAC and Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura (AxA) with the purpose of promoting an exchange of opinions, projects and architectural solutions.

A forum for debate on the limits of materiality, raising research challenges, balance between the sustainable and the social with technology, illustrating the good relations between architecture and industry.

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    COMPAC’s facilities have been the venue that has hosted the cast of top-level professionals.

    The COMPAC team that participated in the meeting:

    Paco Sanchis

    Sergio Sanchis
    Architecture & Projects Manager COMPAC

    Miguel Valls
    Product Manager COMPAC

    Montse Arnau
    Key Account Manager COMPAC

    And an excellent panel of architects represented by:

    Ramón Sanabria
    Presidente AxA

    Josep Camps
    Camps-Felip Arquitectura

    Mara Partida
    Mendoza-Partida Studio

    Lluis Vives
    SVC Arquitectes

    A debate moderated by the architect Alberto Peñín, professor at the UPC.

    All of them exchanged opinions encouraging the relationship between industry and architecture, with the aim of building and generating bonds that benefit a more avant-garde, sustainable and universal architecture.